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white-claudia whispered: ½, ( =①ω①=), (;へ:) for Jubilee!!

½ = How the character feels about people taller or shorter than them

Jubilee is a little bit shorter than most people so she’s really just used to it. But during that rare occasion that she meets someone shorter than her it makes her really sympathetic towards them. But when she comes across someone really taller than her (Gideon) she feels very small and maybe a bit intimidated before getting to know them.

( =①ω①=) = What animals the character likes and if they have a pet/pets

Dogs. Jubilee loves dogs and she probably like played with any strays that came around New Canaan and would bring out food that she didn’t finish with dinner and feed it to them. I think her dad may have gotten mad at her a few times for doing so because food is a precious resource in the Wasteland but in the end she just did it anyway.

(;へ:) = What makes the character cry

Everything A lot of things make her cry because Jubilee is a very emotional person. She cries when someone close to her is hurt (physically, emotionally) or when they are also sad. She cries when they are very happy (!!!) which makes her happy for them and full of feelings (come on this is about Gideon we know it). She gets homesick so often so sometimes when she thinks about New Canaan for too long she may get kinda misty eyed. Jubilee cries. A. Lot.

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white-claudia whispered: ⊙﹏☉, (*^◇^)_旦, æ for Zacharie!!!

⊙﹏☉ = What flusters the character

Getting into super heated arguments can get him flustered pretty quick, like how he used to argue constantly with Fran. But ultimately what gets him silly flustered are French stereotype jokes. Hon hon baguette Eiffel Tower fuck you

(*^◇^)_旦 = What the character likes to eat and drink

Zacharie loves to eat very fancy foods, he above all loves Filet mignon (rare!) paired with a nice wine or other booze. He keeps his meals on the healthy side, lean cuts of meat and plenty of vegetables. He tries to stay away from sweets but indulges (especially when Fran insists) whenever he feels like it. But he drinks coffee and water alternating throughout the day. Lots of coffee in the morning and more water as the day goes on.

æ = The character and languages (Known or Want to Learn)

He is fluent in French, English and Russian. He knows a scant amount (enough to get around if he found himself in either country) of German, Swedish and Spanish.  He studied Russian pretty heavily while in university so translating it became a major part of his interests and skills as a spy.

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Zacharie Volkov
thesorrovv whispered: (/□\*)・ zach

(/□\*)・゜ = What makes the character blush

There is very little that can make Zach blush BECAUSE HE KNOWS NO SHAME.

He may turn a little red in the face when he’s flustered or mad, but I think being proven that he is very wrong about something will get him that way. Like in a debate or argument of some sort. And this is really in extreme cases because being cool under pressure is sort of his thing.

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 I’m a huge supporter of things which annoy misogynistic rich white men

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"Ali" 2004 Savako

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Doing my part to improve everyone’s TF2 experience




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Headcanons list! (Add more if you wish)


  • ½ = How the character feels about people taller or shorter than them
  • ± = The character and what they think about math
  • † = How the character feels about murder
  • @ = How the character appears online
  • ¥ = How the character handles money or spends it
  • ° = The character’s temperature preferences 
  • æ = The character and languages (Known or Want to Learn)
  • ↔ = The character’s ability to read directions
  • ♥ = Character’s preference for relationships (sexuality, type of person, etc.)
  • zzz= What time the character enjoys sleep or being awake
  • ☂ = Weather the character enjoys
  • ♪ = What music the character likes
  • ( =①ω①=) = What animals the character likes and if they have a pet/pets
  • (・∀・ ) = The character’s emotional state most of the time
  • ☆~(ゝ。∂)= How the character greets people
  • ⊙﹏☉ = What flusters the character
  • (≧∇≦) = What makes the character happy
  • (/□\*)・゜ = What makes the character blush
  • (;╹⌓╹) = What scares the character
  • (;へ:) = What makes the character cry
  • (´ q ` ” ) = The character’s “guilty” pleasure
  • (・□・;) = What makes the character uncomfortable
  • (*^◇^)_旦 = What the character likes to eat and drink
  • 。゚(TヮT)゚。 = What makes the character laugh
  • (´;Д;`) = What worries the character
  • (⑅ ‘﹃’ ) = What the character daydreams or thinks about
  • ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ ) = Friends the character has or would like to make
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yume nikki flute song
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Poketele - ORAS new footage

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